Lighted Community Reading Centres

... developing reading and learning skills with fun!


LICOREC is the ACM-Ghana's social contribution programme to underprivileged communities. LICOREC is strategic Learning Centres set up in such a way to allow girls, who traditionally/typically work till dark, to participate in Creative Learning Games to develop skills necessary for classroom learning. The Centres also serve as only lighted venue (in the no-electricity communities) where children come to read at night without the interference of the adult community.

After 7 years (2004 to 2010) of running the Royal Cadet Power Clubs in 46 communities in all the 9 Districts of the Upper East Region of Ghana, ACM-Ghana thought it was time to give back to the Cadet Communities. A search in the major community needs of the conducted. This included interaction with Community Leaders and Member, Children and Youth. The priority, as was revealed was Education. Further assessment revealed that Reading Skills was almost absent, especially at the Lower Primary level.

This led to the design of the LICOREC programme which has the support of the Community Leaders and Members at large. This programme took off in November 2011 from 3 communities; Azuwera, Sakpre and Tempeligo in the Bawku West District and Kanania near Chaana in the Paga-Chaana District. 

The programme took into consideration the fact that Reading is a Skill that needs guidance and there has trained Facilitators from same communities who meet children 3 nights every week at the specified Centres to playfully guide the process.


LICROREC hopes to achieve the following;

  • Increased Academic Performace
  • Gi rls are allowed and encouraged to participate freely in all activities that help develop them and their talents.
  • Girls and boys alike, will face their education with hope and all the energy available to them.
  • Children understand th eir Rights and Responsibilities with Community Framework.
  • Community Leaders and Family Heads understand importance of Structured Play and its benefits to the development of their Children (including Girls).
  • Reduce Rural/Urban migration amongst Children and Youth.
  • Community Members arise to responsibility in knowing that through their efforts (with little support) they can effect change in their own communities.

We are convinced that the achievement of the above will go a long way to contribute to the entire development of the communities.

We have plans to duplicate this in all the Communities where we have the Royal Cadet Power Clubs so as to benefit all other children who for reason of their faith are not able to attend our weekly Club meetings.